Vision and Mission Statement The Ways Children Can Learn We Believe

Our Vision

At Rancho Murieta Learning Center, we care for children between the ages of 6 weeks through 12 years. We have created a balanced learning program that builds on a loving and safe environment , qualified instruction and fostering the knowledge that every child has the ability to achieve social and academic excellence. We provide an experience that will allow children to acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of achievement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take the individuality of each child and the way they learn and help them to develop the skills necessary to become successful in the areas of academics and life skills.

The Ways Children Can Learn

Children learn through many ways, such as free choice play, where they use their imagination and organize and problem solve with others, through organized teaching such as circle, music and table activities, through the world around them like nature, science and cooking experiments and through just the ability to explore in what the children seem to be interested in learning. Our children also practice daily the skills of common courtesy, taking turns, sharing, manners, please and thank you, waiting until everyone is served before eating, lining up and cleaning up after themselves as we feel that these skills mastered now will benefit them so much in the future.

We Believe

We believe every child is an individual and as such, needs to be nurtured in a way that supports their unique personalities and life experiences as they are on the adventure of learning. We are family centered in that each family has life happening daily, and these factors can affect a child. We are here to work with the families in order to provide a safe, nurturing, supportive and stress free environment where children are free to be children and experience the wonders of the world around them. We have found that by creating a program that is structured through out the day, children know what to expect and rely on. This in turn makes them feel safe and secure in knowing that their needs will be met.

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